Access control and time clock directly in Payroll

Payroll Mauritius is able, as an option, to receive in real time the input/output information of devices for secure control of automatic opening of access or pointing points.

Entirely secured by the OSDP RS485 protocol, the referenced devices are able to manage biometric entries (fingerprints, facial recognition) or magnetic cards.

Thanks to its on-board intelligence, false prints (paper, film, silicone, gelatin) are automatically eliminated.

Employee biometric data is never stored, giving you complete transparency on the responsibility to hold such personal data.

Relayed first on your own server and/or sent directly by internet on our servers, input/output hours are automatically recorded in the timesheets of each Payroll Mauritius employee.

It is then up to you to configure Payroll Mauritius so that it validates the full day, or counts the hours and performs the desired compensations to automate deductions or overtime additions per day, week or month.

In all cases, you ultimately decide how to use the hours thus collected by the device.

Installation and configuration is carried out on your sites by our partner specialized in the implementation of these terminals.

You wish to expose us your specific need (multi-access, multi-site, security). Write to us (without any commitment on your part) by filling out the contact form below :