List of Payroll Mauritius features

Individual secure mobile access

For each employee in their private space.

  • Leave requests.
  • Consultation of leave balances.
  • Consultation download payslip.
  • Upcoming theoretical payroll consultation.
  • Company Messages.
  • Validation of leave requests possible by the Manager (if desired) also on his mobile Payroll Mauritius access.
  • Sharing of documents you want to (employment contract, amendments, identity card, warnings...).
  • EDF filling + Original signed photograph.


  • Pre-proposed pay plan.
  • Personalization of the payroll plan with fully configurable headings.
  • Possible use of Excel® type calculation formulas in the payroll fields.
  • Payroll items memorized by business specificities in the Company.
  • Pre-parameterized payroll models for certain trades.