You are an accountant ? Become a partner...

Payroll Mauritius is the tool for you !

Your time is valuable and it is more useful and profitable for you to manage the accounting, tax and financial aspects of the business than to do the monthly payroll. However, you are the partner of the management of your customers, and in the global service that you offer them, the Payroll is an indispensable component

Thanks to Payroll Mauritius , you'll be among the first in Mauritius to offer the first payroll collaboration service to your customers .

Indeed, thanks to the flexibility of the SaaS on the internet and the very advanced setting up options of Payroll Mauritius, you can define the role of your customer in the establishment of the payroll, by limiting it and for him to a tool for transmitting pay and absence variables .

Thanks to the codes you give him on Payroll Mauritius , your customer only has access to timesheets and captures absences in real time (his employees can of course access these items or leave requests on their mobile).

It validates you the amounts of the fixed wages (which are automatically reproposed from the month before), adjusts the possible premiums and deductions, and ... its role stops here!

With Payroll Mauritius , you then take over the finalization of the work simply by launching the calculation of the payslips, their edition or sending by email (as well as provision of these in the protected area of ​​the employees) and you launch in Payroll Mauritius the declarations in paper forms or dematerialized via MNS or MRA of the NPS and PAYE!

The customer accesses the monthly reporting automatically made available by Payroll Mauritius. And of course the annual declarations (Emolument ...) will be automatically calculated by Payroll Mauritius and made available to the employees.

Finished for you these hours to enter in Excel or in a bad software. By adopting Payroll Mauritius you offer flexibility, modernity, and time savings ... and the ability to manage the payroll of your customers directly from your office, your home or why not ... at the edge of the beach!

You are an accounting firm, become a partner of Payroll Mauritius, it's free!

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