Payroll Mauritius and Artificial Intelligence

Payroll Mauritius is one of the first payroll software in the world to integrate Artificial Intelligence primitives into its processes.

Not on the Employees' data as such (note that the GDPR and the Mauritian Data Protection Act largely regulate the possibilities of such processing without the Employees being informed), but on the possibility offered by the software to easily create Employees in the tool, from a simple photograph of your mobile phone.

Indeed, it is possible in Payroll Mauritius to create the Employee record by simply taking the photograph of the Employee's Identity Card, the Embedded Artificial Intelligence then automatically taking care of retrieving :

  • The Employee's Name
  • His/Her first name or names
  • The Date of Birth
  • The identity number
  • The photograph

The photographed document is also automatically archived in the Employee's personal documents that can be consulted by the Employee Mobile Application (free of charge).

The processing and thus the time saving is instantaneous, the input errors dissipated !