What the internet 'Cloud' brings to Payroll and Payroll Mauritius

Payroll requires, in order to bring resilience and efficiency, to be supported by software.               

This is a computer application able to manage the entire process of "life" of the employee within the company, from entry to exit.               

In fact, several players in the company may be involved in a payroll process. Whether for the amounts of remuneration (which may partly be related to one or more variable criteria (turnover, margin, quantity ...), presence or absence within the Company (leave, illness, overtime ...) or for legal or behavioral reasons (contract, endorsements, warnings, departure ...).               

The fact then to use said software designed in SaaS mode (the software is not installed on the hardware of the company but directly on servers in the cloud cloud at a secure hosting provider) then allows each of these actors of the Company, but also the employee, to share this information (for the employee, those that are authorized by the employer) in collaborative mode and in real time because indeed, the internet makes available the software, from any location, from any device (PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone), and more importantly, is available 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.               

In addition, the cloud is a better guarantee against the risk of data loss. As soon as the host chosen is of good reputation, the latter provides replication of data, fight against acts of piracy, risk of fire, war or riot ... what software installed on the equipment of the Company can only guarantee with difficulty (only one location, copy of data always done, illegible copies ...). So, contrary to conventional wisdom, your data is safer in the cloud than at home.               

Payroll Mauritius is hosted by Google®, one of the largest provider of computer servers in the world (in the order of 1 million servers!): This guarantees you an even greater reliability of your data and an accessibility of everywhere in the world!               

Beyond the insurance given by the host, E-Payroll (Mauritius) Limited duplicates data daily to another host in the Indian Ocean area so as to further guarantee the integrity of your data.