Pricing conditions

The entry fee in the Mauritius Payroll Service, dated 27/05/2024, is based on the number of employees(1) in your company. Full features of the software are available for all rates!

Offer 1 - 2

Rs 0

  • 1 - 2 employees
  • Service Fee Free (*)

Offer 3 - 5

Rs 350

  • 3 - 5 employees
  • Service Fee - Rs 1500

Offer 6 - 10Popular

Rs 950

  • 6 - 10 employees
  • Service Fee - Rs 3500

Offer 11 - 25

Rs 1750

  • 11 - 25 employees
  • Service Fee - Rs 5000

Offer 26 - 50

Rs 3000

  • 26 - 50 employees
  • Service Fee - Rs 9500

Offer 51 - 100

Rs 4950

  • 51 - 100 employees
  • Service Fee - Rs 14500

Offer 101 - 200

Rs 6750

  • 101 - 200 employees
  • Service Fee - Rs 17500

Offer +200


  • + 200 employees
  • Service Fee - Contact us

Beyond 200 employees, contact us on or for any question concerning this tariff. With Payroll Mauritius, you do not have a commitment period, you stop when you want, simply by ... ending your bank transfer ! Simple ! To subscribe and, without delay, use the Payroll Mauritius service, click now on how to subscribe

  • The Service Fee(?) is to be paid only once at the start of the Service
  • The periodic subscription is of the month, term to fall (payment in advance for the period), which you can decide to pay quarterly or annually in order to freeze your pricing, but only by automatic standing order including your customer code (EPAY)

Training (optional)

The Payroll Mauritius service is easy to use and well documented to allow you easy access, without the important phase of getting started. However, you may wish for optional initial training. For this we can provide ½ day of training / guided learning.
The rate of ½ day of training on your site (Mauritius except Rodrigues) is Rs 5,000 (4 people maximum).
Contact us on if you want more information or set a Payroll Mauritius training date in your company. You must, however, already be a subscriber; for this click on subscribe.

Assistance (optional)

When Payroll Mauritius is put into service, you have 3 free access tickets to the Payroll Mauritius helpdesk which is exclusively not sent by email.
A ticket is consumed during a solicitation of the assistance service, until the closing of this one exclusively at the discretion of the Payroll Mauritius helpdesk (sufficient answer given).
You can then buy additional tickets per book of 5 tickets at the rate of Rs 3,500 the notebook. Tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. To purchase such a carnet, thank you to make the payment by making a transfer of the price of a notebook to the bank details of E-Payroll Mauritius, stating in the Reference your Customer Code EPAYCCCCCC and send us a digital copy of this proof of transfer by mail on

The general conditions of sale and full use of the Service, will be made available for acceptance by the Manager, prior to subscription to the Service.

(*) for 18 months, Rs 100 / month thereafter. No support given, only internal documentation.

(1) who have already had at least one calculated payslip