Terms of Sales Payroll Mauritius

Use of the service

Payroll Mauritius (hereinafter the Service) requires the agreement of the user on the general conditions of sale and use, written in French that the user declares to understand and accept as being the official language of exchange between him and E-Payroll (Mauritius) Limited, supplier of said Service (hereinafter the Supplier).

The Service is open to

Any legal person (hereinafter the Client) registered with the Registrar of Companies of the Republic of Mauritius and duly represented by any person physically responsible and legally able to represent the said company (Director).

This Service implemented by the Provider

Makes available an online configurable online tool, exclusively in SaaS mode, to facilitate and assist (and not replace or subrogate) the head of the Company user of the Service or the manager he has designated within his Company (hereinafter the Manager), in the necessary steps leading to the production of Payroll (calculation and production of payslips to employees) with the social and fiscal declarations in force in Mauritius.


Is subject to the Customer, an obligation of means and not results.

Payroll bulletins produced by the Service

Are a reflection of the settings made in the Service by the Manager. They are obligatorily and exclusively, as well as statements and payroll summary tables, produced and made available in the form of computer files in Acrobat PDF® format (which the Customer or his employees can then decide whether or not to print out of the Service).

Opening and use of the Service

Is linked to the payment (exclusively by bank transfer) by the Customer to E-Payroll (Mauritius) Limited, commissioning fees and periodic subscription.

Failure to pay a due date by the Client

Suspends its ability to use the Service. The Customer is then notified by email and then has a period of 8 (eight) calendar days to make the payment, necessarily by bank transfer, of the due date, in order to recover access to the Service. Otherwise, his subscription is automatically terminated and his data deleted after a delay of 1 (one) month. If within this period, the Customer then wanted to resume use of the Service, it must then pay beforehand again the commissioning fee and the previous due due.

The general conditions of sale and full use of the Service, will be made available for acceptance by the Manager, prior to subscription to the Service.