Corporate Sponsorship

Payroll Mauritius seduced you? Talk about it and make your user fees profitable and earn money.

Have you taken the time to talk about your satisfaction with the service around you? You are then our best commercial agent ... it is normal that you are rewarded!

E-Payroll (Mauritius) Ltd offers you the establishment of a contract allowing you to sponsor a company adopting the use of the Payroll Mauritius service thanks to you!

What will I win ?

The remuneration rules are simple.

For each company you subscribe to Payroll Mauritius, you receive 20% of the subscription amount monthly subscribed by it for 2 (two) years (if it has kept its subscription for 2 years).

At the end of these two years, either you have not sponsored other new companies and your remuneration stops, or you have sponsored other (at least one) companies during this period, and you receive then during an additional year, 10% of the amount of subscriptions subscribed still in progress having exceeded 2 years.

How can I be a sponsor ?

To be able to sponsor another company, you must be an Enterprise user who has subscribed a paid and always active Payroll Mauritius subscription (being a free client of Payroll Mauritius (0 to 2 employees) does not allow you to sponsor) and have accepted the terms of the Corporate Sponsorship Agreement.

You have been assigned with your own subscription, an EPAYCCCCCC customer number.

When subscribing to the subscription of the company you are sponsoring, the latter, when registering online, has an optional zone "Referral code:" which it can fill in with your EPAYCCCCCC customer number. have previously communicated (be careful, if it is omitted during registration, it will not be possible to claim this sponsorship later).

You subscribes ... your customer code is filled, it's done!

How will I receive the money ?

Nothing's easier ! In your company area, a precise count of all the companies you have sponsored is presented to you, with, for each, the amount of the subscription paid by him and your percentage of compensation (20% for 2 years then 0% or 10%). % then for 1 year). So a monthly total of your sponsorship fee is displayed

This sum is then subject, monthly at the end of the month, to a downloadable fee note in the name of your company and that our system generates for you.

A transfer of this sum from E-Payroll (Mauritius) Ltd will then be automatically operated on your bank account (indicated in the Payroll Mauritius Company Parameters used to pay salaries) with the wording "Payroll Mauritius Sponsorship".

You have understood, by sponsoring, not only you can easily "erase" in part, see all your subscription fees to Payroll Mauritius, but you can also ensure a recurring income proportional to your motivation!

What must I do now ?

Becoming a sponsor requires that you accept the Company Sponsorship Agreement.

Log on to Payroll Mauritius with your login details. A new Sponsor option is then made available in the My account menu .

Then follow the on-screen instructions for online acceptance of the Corporate Sponsorship Agreement. It is done !

In the future, this same menu option will show you in real time your potential income from sponsorship.

Now you only need to bring your EPAYCCCCCC customer code and ... talk about it around you. Show the service, how you make your pay and ... you will see that everything can go VERY fast!