Payroll Mauritius an opportunity for your business

Thanks to Payroll Mauritius and the power of the Internet Cloud, you will be able to rely on a real payroll management tool that can free up the time you need for your company's own business.

Whether it is the hotel industry, ICT, design, hardware, real estate management, cinema, banking, industry... Payroll Mauritius adapts to all activities and many companies in Mauritius and in Indian Ocean area and the number of customers who trust us to manage their payroll increases significantly each month !


Simply because Payroll no longer becomes a "constraint" for the company at the end of each month but is part of a corporate strategy to set up simple and agile data collection processes that Payroll Mauritius simplifies as much as possible; data that can be used to support the payroll process, but also to deliver the dashboards to manage your own activity.

An example?

Imagine that you pay salespeople a percentage of the turnover they have achieved each month. Payroll Mauritius time sheets can receive the data of the turnover achieved by these sales representatives (who are categorized in a Group by Payroll Mauritius) with a simple entry or even better by an integration from your CRM or sales software (CSV or Excel format): a line of commissions is automatically inserted in the pay slips concerning them while at the same time, a monthly report is published (PDF or Excel) including the turnover achieved by each sales representative, the team's total with a comparison with the previous month !

Even more, you can also make the Payroll Mauritius Employee mobile application allow each salesperson to take pictures of signed purchase orders in real time!

A notification arrives on the mobile of the sales manager so that he can validate them and then they are automatically inserted in Payroll Mauritius in the Electronic Document Management attached to the Employee; the amount of the turnover achieved is integrated: all in real time thanks to the power of the cloud available 24/7!

No more data loss, less data entry time, no more latency and delays in obtaining results; simplified control procedures: yes, with Payroll Mauritius is no longer a constraint but a real tool for your business to manage your company!