Accounting registration

Thus, for each registration you make for one of your customers, you automatically receive 20% of the monthly amount of the subscription paid by it. Remember also that Payroll Mauritius is free for 18 months (Rs 100 thereafter) for all your customers from 0 to 2 employees: free to you to invoice them or not!

To benefit from this and become a partner of Payroll Mauritius, you must identify yourself as an Accounting Firm.

Registration will not cost you anything , and you will receive by email a Payroll Mauritius customer ID "EPAYCCCCCC" that you will only have to use for each registration that you will perform for your customers by completing the "Sponsorship Code" form. It is done ! You will receive 20% of the amounts paid by your customers every month (or if you want to be billed yourself, you will receive the same discount).

Then using your login credentials, the list of your customers will be proposed to you and you choose then on which you wish to work: the software being multi-sessions, you can open and work on several of your customers to the times!